Epilog Users Creating Personal Protective Equipment

Laser operators shift focus to aid healthcare workers and community members.

Laser cut mask clips in an Epilog Laser machine

Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, we have seen so many customers, distributors and even Epilog employees using their machines to create much-needed personal protective equipment, not only for healthcare professionals, but for their communities as well.

It has been so incredible to see our users come together in this way. Below are just a handful of stories and projects we have seen rolling in. If you are creating PPE with your Epilog Laser machine, message Amy Dallman so we can include you here!

All Wheel Engineering, LLC., San Diego, CA – Face Shields

Using both his Epilog Fusion M2 and his 3D printer, Tom Deadrick of All Wheel Engineering shifted from his automotive applications to creating face shields for healthcare workers on the front line. In the past few weeks Tom has donated thousands of pieces to local healthcare facilities in the San Diego area.

A stack of laser-cut acrylic face shield components.
A woman wearing a PPE face shield.
Two 3D printers producing PPE mask components

Bauhaus Form + Function Lab at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, Germany - Face Shields

Jason Reizner, who heads up the Bauhaus Form + Function Lab at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, and his team have developed a visor that is entirely laser cut to assist those on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. This can be produced from 0.5mm PETG film in under a minute, with their 120-watt Fusion M2.

The design for the 'BauhausUniVisor' is open to everyone under a Creative Commons License and can be found here: BFFL | GitHub

Laser cut clear acrylic PPE visor inside an Epilog Laser machine.

Centex Laser Engraving, Pflugerville, TX - Mask Clips

Elastic bands of medical masks can rub the skin raw behind the ears, so Centex started laser cutting acrylic medical mask clips. Instead of securing the mask behind the ears, it moves the elastic bands behind the head - being acrylic, they can be sterilized and used again.

A batch of laser-cut acrylic PPE mask clips inside an Epilog Laser machine
Laser cut acrylic mask clip with medical mask
A batch of laser-cut acrylic mask clips
Acrylic mask clip on the back of a wearer's head

Debra Salley, Epilog Laser - Face Masks

Our very own tradeshow coordinator, Debra Salley, used her Zing 24 to create face masks from t-shirts. While these are not medical-grade masks, they are suitable for residents in areas and municipalities that require masks when out in public.

A mask cut out of a t-shirt in an Epilog Laser machine
Epilog Tradeshow Manager Deb Salley wearing her laser-cut fabric mask

Laser Depot & Northern Laser Systems - Aerosol Boxes

Our distributors from Laser Depot (Colombia, South America) and Northern Laser Systems (Wisconsin, USA), both laser cut acrylic aerosol boxes, which they donated to local healthcare facilities. These devices are used to prevent COVID-19 particles from being expelled during patient intubation.

Laser cut acrylic aerosol box sitting on a table
Laser cut acrylic aerosol box sitting on the floor

While times are uncertain, one thing that will always remain is the human spirit that purposefully seeks out ways to help. Thank you to all of the Epilog Laser users out there who are using our equipment to help your communities rise to the challenge. We appreciate you!

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