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Are you wondering what it's like to work with an Epilog Laser? By making an appointment for a live demonstration, you'll get to see our laser machines in action with your own eyes. Discover what the workflow really feels like: see how to print from your graphics software to the machine; experience loading and unloading materials into the work area; and feel the satisfaction of removing a completed engraving with your own hands.

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Discover the system that's right for you

Epilog Laser machines come in a handful of sizes, equipped with a range of laser tube wattages. The system and power that is right for you depends on your applications, space, throughput needs, and budget. Seeing the machines in person is a great way to get a sense of scale to see whether a small, medium, or large work area is best for you. Plus, witnessing the differences in speed and power offered by various laser tube wattages will help you determine which system will fit best into your workflow.

Learn what Epilog Laser has to offer

Whether you're planning on engraving QR codes on anodized aluminum, cutting out acrylic signs, personalizing gifts in large or small quantities, or fabricating small-scale parts for models, an Epilog Laser can handle the job. The versatility of laser technology provides countless possibilities, and an Epilog Laser puts that power at your fingertips. During your demonstration, you will experience and learn about...

  • The ease of controlling an Epilog Laser machine
  • How you can easily engrave very sharp details at high speeds
  • The laser-sharp cutting results of a metal/ceramic laser tube
  • The personal service and support of Epilog Laser
  • Knowledge and experience of more than 30 years of laser technology
  • Epilog's new IRIS camera system technology
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