What is the maximum diameter that will fit on the Rotary Attachment for each system?

Learn about Epilog Rotary Attachment diameter capacities.

Rim-Style Rotary Attachment

Laser Machine:Diameter Capacity
Fusion Maker4" (101 mm)
Fusion Edge 124" (101 mm)
Fusion Edge 12 Fiber4" (101 mm)
Fusion Edge 247" (177 mm)
Fusion Edge 367" (177 mm)
Fusion Pro 246” (152.4 mm)
Fusion Pro 366" (152.4 mm)
Fusion Pro 489.25” (234 mm)
Zing 245.25" (133.35 mm)
Mini 183.75" (95.25 mm)
Mini 245" (127 mm)
Helix 248" (203.2 mm)
Fusion M2 3210.25" (260 mm)
Fusion M2 4010.25" (260 mm)
FiberMark 244" (101.6 mm)
FiberMark S24" (101.6 mm)
FiberMark Fusion7.5" (190.5 mm)

3-Jaw Chuck Style Rotary

Laser Machine:Diameter Capacity
All Models4" (101 mm)

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