Laser Engraving Curved Text Using the Fusion Pro's IRIS™ Camera

Take a picture with the Fusion Pro's IRIS™ Camera system and enhance your workflow.

Use the Fusion Pro’s IRIS™ Camera Positioning to take a photo of your uniquely-shaped object and precisely place text and graphics in seconds.

Here we engraved a quote on a clothes hanger using CorelDraw’s “text on a curve” feature.

The live camera on the Fusion Pro is useful for quickly and precisely placing your artwork and running your job. The Epilog Dashboard allows you to copy the live image of your piece and paste it into your graphic software as a visual guide for fine-tuning your artwork. When you’re finished, select the artwork and send the job to the laser! Creating one-of-a-kind products has never been easier.

We used a 120 watt Fusion Pro 32 with the following settings:
50% speed // 100% power // 300 DPI

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