Laser Engraving Holiday Macarons

This holiday season we try out our lasers on some sweet confections!

With all the laser-friendly substrates available (and more being introduced all the time!) food has been and continues to be one of the most popular materials people like to experiment with – especially around the holidays. Pies, cookies, crackers – you name it! We’ve even seen etched lasagna noodles!

Here we had a little fun customizing these colorful Macarons for Christmas.

Using a 120-watt Fusion M2, we used the following settings to etch the Macarons:

Speed: 80%
Power: 10%

With food items, generally speaking, it’s good to start with a high speed and a low power setting. You can always run the job again if your engraving isn’t as dark as you’d like. Also, with food items – especially non-solid or fragile pieces - we recommend manually focusing your machine. Believe us, your auto focus plunger will thank you.

Happy holidays and happy lasering!

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