Red Dot Pointer

The Red Dot Pointer provides a visible red laser beam that is a helpful tool for providing a visible means of determining the engraving or cutting location within the engraving table on oddly-shaped items.

Epilog Laser users often use the Red Dot Pointer to preview the engraving or cutting position on a project. By sending over the job with the Red Dot Pointer enabled but the door to the laser open, the laser tube will not fire, but you can see exactly where the laser is going to engrave or cut the job.

If engraving on an irregularly-shaped item, like a knife handle, you can draw a box around the text or image you are engraving, print it to the laser, and run it with the Red Dot Pointer on to see if everything is lined up before you ever engrave it. This saves you time and anxiety, especially when engraving on a special, one-of-a-kind piece!

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