This laser engraving project features two items - fun and festive customized wine toppers, along with a sleek jig to hold them in place while in engraving. Jigs are wonderfully versatile tools than can be created with just about any scrap material in your shop and are completely reusable. These wine toppers make an ideal bridal shower and/or wedding favor, distillery swag, or house warming gift! Read on to learn more about these two laser engraving projects!

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Materials Needed

  • Wine Toppers
  • Vector Pin Table (optional). This is used for cutting the jig to hold the wine toppers. If you do not have a vector pin table, you can use blocks, modeling clay, etc. to prop up the corners of your jig material. Just make sure it is level throughout.
  • Epilog Laser System

We used a Fusion Pro 24 80 watt:

Vector cutting: - Speed: 12% // Power: 100% // Frequency: 100%
Raster engraving - Speed: 60% // Power: 100% // DPI: 300

Step 1: Prepare the Artwork

Modify your artwork as necessary. You can use our graphics for samples or create your own personalized messaging.

laser engraved Wine Toppers artwork

Step 2: Cut a Jig

Using scrap material, place it on the pin table to cut a jig for the wine toppers. Make sure your material is focused using the manual focus gauge. You might consider cutting only one or two holes to start to make sure your settings are correct. Once proper settings are determined, send the entire job to the laser.

Placing pin table in laser machine
Placing pin table in laser machine

Step 3: Place Wine Toppers Into Jig

Arrange the wine toppers in the jig and focus the table. If you're using a Fusion Edge or Fusion Pro Laser, use the IRIS Camera System to ensure your artwork is accurately placed. If you don't have this feature, you can always draw a vector box around the graphic and send only the vector job to the laser with the red dot pointer activated. As the red dot pointer travels across the jig, you'll see exactly where each graphic will go and can adjust accordingly.    

Laser engraving Wine Toppers

Step 4: Determine Parameters

Consult your owner’s manual for recommended engraving/cutting settings for your machine and wattage. Enter your settings within the dashboard, focus the laser manually, and send the job to the laser. At the machine, select the job and press go.

NOTE: We observed the silver wine toppers only resulted in a faint engraving, whereas the rest produced a better contrast. If you elect to purchase the same toppers, you might consider engraving the silver ones separately at a lower speed, or masking them with tape and then color-filling with paint after engraving.

Laser engraved Wine Tumblers
Laser engraved Wine Tumblers

Where can you sell laser engraved Wine Toppers?

  • Wineries
  • Spirit retailers
  • Specialty gift stores
  • As wedding or bridal shower favors

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